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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Evangelism – A New Sister in Christ

Evangelism in action

Baptism of Imelda


Yesterday was a great day for many of us associated through Know The Truth Radio. We gained a new sister in Christ, Imelda de la Cruz. We rejoice greatly at this addition to the Lord's family. Now, let me tell you about evangelism and how this event came to be. Evangelism is simply the act of sharing the gospel. It may take the form of an invitation to services, a request for a Bible study or an invitation to listen to a particular program. The content is the good news of Jesus and His one time for all sacrifice for our sins. In obedience to that gospel we believe the message. We repent, or determine to change our ways to conform to His. We confess this faith and are baptized or immersed in water for the remission of our sins.

Several months ago, our brother Henry Doty invited an online acquaintance to listen to, our online radio program. Imelda started listening and participating in our chat box. Not long after this, Henry messaged me and said that Imelda was interested in finding out more about the churches of Christ. So we started looking for a local minister in her area. It took some doing, but  Remir de Mesa, another friend of Henry's and a minister in New Jersey, who is from the Philippines, contacted Ed Maq. He agreed to go see Imelda and assist us in this evangelism effort.

Evangelism at work

After contacting Imelda, Ed was intent on setting up a Bible study and then a group study. He also enlisted the aid of Efren and Joy Esteban, Christians who live near Imelda. They invited her to services and continued to have studies with her and some of her neighbors. Imelda continued to listen to and participate in our chat box. After several studies conducted with her by brothers Ed and Efren and sister Joy and the evangelism they were doing, this weekend, Imelda decided to put our Lord on in baptism and was added to the body of Christ. Randy Macapagal, another local minister also assisted. We rejoice with her and with our Father in heaven as we now have a new sister!

We want to thank all of you who consistently and faithfully support us here at It is our greatest honor and privilege to hear of the gospel being preached and received and then obeyed, in some small part because of what we are doing. Evangelism is so simple in some ways, an invitation, and in others so difficult because we have many excuses. Consider these events and our new sister and don't hesitate to suggest a visit or a listen, anywhere in the world! We will find and contact a local member of the Lord's church to see it done. God bless and thanks again for being a part of this great work, evangelism!

Steve Weeks, for