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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Update on the Lord’s work in Eastern Samar Philippines - Update on the Lord's work in Eastern Samar Philippines
"The Bible Study Center just finished with our discipleship class, I started teaching them the subject about the OLD TESTAMENT SURVEY, next this Thursday there will be a quiz based on the topic that I have discussed this evening."- Report from Edwin Inso, evangelist in Eastern Samar.
The number of students at the Bible Study Center- (an outreach of churches of Christ) serving nearby ESSU university students and others is growing so much so that one night students had to meet outside the door! Most of these students have already obeyed the gospel and when they complete their education at ESSU and at the Bible Study Center they will take the good news all over the Philippines! Please keep the work Edwin is doing in your thoughts and prayers. God bless, Jamie

Philippines  6-17 Inside

Philippines  6-17

Philippines  6-17 outside

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