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This week brings about one of the highlights of the year at Bear Valley - the annual lectureship! It begins tomorrow and goes through Sunday. For a listing of speakers, topics, and times, click HERE

I am also excited to share with you some of the reports from the schools around the world. I know you will be encouraged by what you see.

2016 has been an unprecedented year in the growth of the Extension Program, as we have now started 5 new schools this year! The newest one is in Fiji and will serve the churches of Oceania and the South Pacific. You can read their first report here.

Fresh off of a graduation, the brethren in Nigeria are not taking a break! Read all about what they have been doing in the Kingdom.

Donnie Estep is our outstanding and capable Regional Director for Southern Africa (which includes the schools in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi) and has just returned from a 3 week trip where he visited and taught in each of the 3 schools. (can you imagine?!) Read his encouraging report (with pictures) by clicking here.wetrainpreachers

Many of you know of the difficulties that our brethren in Ukraine have endured for the past few years, so I think you will be pleasantly surprised to read about all the good things that are happening there. The Director of the school has filed an encouraging update.

Speaking of new schools and progress, one of the newest schools (Liberia) is off to a great start! You will find this report, complete with pictures, very interesting.

I hope that you are richly blessed this week and should you have a chance to attend the lectureship, I hope to see you.

Thank you for your continued prayers, partnership, and support. God bless.


Keith Kasarjian
Director of Extensions

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