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In Proverbs nine Solomon compares two different teachers with two diverse lessons taught to two different students who have two destinations. He advises his sons to be careful to whom they listen and beware of those who would lead them astray. Read Proverbs nine and consider the following outline.

Two teachers
Wisdom is the teacher who has prepared her house and her lesson , vs. 1-6
She offers understanding to the inexperienced
She warns them to avoid folly
Her ways lead to life vs. 11
The woman of folly has prepared lesson as well, vs. 13- 18
She entices the upright to abandon the straight path
She offers stolen water and secret bread to those who lack understanding.
Her ways lead to death
Two Students
The student who chooses wisely enters wisdom’s classroom and eats from the table of understanding, drinks from the cup of knowledge and learns to FEAR THE LORD, vs. 8-11
The Scoffer refuses wisdom and enters into the classroom of the woman who lacks understanding. He drinks stolen water and eats, uninvited, from another man’s table, vs. 7-8; 16-17.
Two Destinations
The Wise student graduates to a long life filled with truth and understanding, vs. 11
The Scoffer flunks out and is doomed to walking among the destitute and dead, vs. 18
Whoever has your ear holds your fate.

To whom we choose to listen to determines our direction in life. If we listen to those who are corrupt, undisciplined or uninformed, who lack knowledge and who do not fear the Lord we put ourselves at risk. If we listen to wise people who fear the Lord, trust his word and follow his godly example we fare much better.It’s a personal decision we all must make for ourselves.

“If you are wise you are wise for yourself and if you scoff you alone will bear it”, Proverbs 9:12.

Pick your teachers carefully your destination depends on it!

In Christ

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